693 Nishikitaogawa Ogawa Machi Uki City, Kumamoto Prefecture 869-0622, Japan


In view of the evolution of digital technology and innovation, construction equipment, facility equipment, digital imaging products, a large number and rapidly integrated into consumer's lives, the relative products, the chief products are more and more diversified in products and innovative spirit of the company, providing customers with the best service, create the first-class quality of design, and in good faith for the core of the business, and customers work together to create a better future. We always pursuit service, high quality, innovation, integrity all the time. We strive to increase our competitive edge by improving our customers' energy efficiency through products that are developed, manufactured and sourced responsibly.

That is why we are so focused on providing high-quality products that are more productive, energy efficient, safer, ergonomic, lighter or that in other ways make customers more successful.

We have conducted our business operations based on the belief that the greatest way to contribute to society is to enrich humanity through business, gain the appreciation of others, and develop human resources who are valuable to society.

Each of our employees has authority and responsibility according to his or her position in the company and strictly regulates his or her own actions based on a system of self-management.

Our Business

Our departments are divided into Overseas Operations and domestic business departments.
The following is a description our business departments in details.

Overseas Business Department

We are treating microscope, camera, construction equipment, generators, breaker, driller including transport vehicle, chiller units, etc.
And we provide various kinds of products and know-how as well as best solution for customers At present, we are expanding our business in Asia, Oceania, and North America. And we are providing Japanese and Overseas advanced technique all over the world.

Domestic Business Department

We are working hard to do the development of the product which is indispensable to the development of a research institute, the company.
We have experienced for a wide variety of business in countries worldwide and developed many new business with our know-how and experience.
We provide high quality and excellent service with a wide range products which our customers can satisfy. The solution and product that we can provide cover a variety of industries.

Locations and Contact Information

The locations and contact information of our offices are as follows ;

Japan Office

693 Nishikitaogawa Ogawa Machi Uki City, Kumamoto Prefecture 869-0622, Japan
e-mail address :
TEL/FAX : +81-964-27-9375
mobile phone : +81-90-9476-8376

Taiwan Office

4F, No. 12, Lane 168, Zihciang N. Rd.,
Jhubei City, Hsinchu Country 30264, Taiwan
TEL/FAX : +886-3-658-2438

Indonesia Office

PT. Swakarsa Sukses Gemilang
Pergudangan Sentra Kosambi Blok I1, No. 8, Tangerang, Indonesia
TEL : +62-21-29423326
FAX : +62-21-29423325

Perumnas Legok Permai, Cluster
Eldelweis No. E1/E3, Tangerang, Banteng, Indonesia
TEL : +62-82-110238525

USA Office

1900 132nd AVE SE, 21 Bellevue, Washington 98005, U.S.A.
TEL : +1-425-6336842

ISJ Relative Group

TEC Co., Ltd., Japan
610-1, Shimoura, Asakura-City, Fukuoka, 838-0055, Japan
TEL : +81-946-23-9123
FAX : +81-946-23-9124

ISJ Relative Partner

ISJ Relative Partner in China

Rm 2503, Wanda Building, 9# Jiefang Street, Zhongshan District,
Dalian City, Liaoning Province, P.R.China, 116001 (postal code)
TEL : +86-411-8239 5990/7990
FAX : +86-411-8239 8990

ISJ Relative Partner in Indonesia

Jl. Daan Mogot Km. 10 No. 151,
Pesing Poglar, Jakarta 11710, Indonesia
TEL : +62-21-5448965
FAX : +62-21-6194658

Products range

Microscope :
  • Professional Microscope Camera System
  • Biological Micro Camera System
  • Metallurgical Microscope Camera System
  • Fluorescence Microscope Photography System
  • Polarized Light Microscope Camera System
  • Industrial Digital Microscope Camera System
  • Mobile Phone Microscope Camera System
Facilities and Construction Equipment :
Switch, Breaker, Rock Drill, Generator, Crusher, Pump, Drilling Tool, Chiller Units, Compressor, Attachment, Tamping Rammer, Plate Compactor
Transportation Vehicle and Construction Machinery :
Used Forklift, Used Excavator, Used Mini-Excavator, Tire Roller, Mini-Wheel Loader, Used Vehicle

ISJ Spirit Message

ISJ is one of the leaders that we can offer in the field of imaging, micro / micro observation, microscope for structural analysis of nano level, camera for microscope, software, sample preparation equipment for electron microscopy. With the change of the times, in view of the continuous evolution of digital technology and innovation, various construction equipment, facility equipment, digital imaging related products, a large number and rapid access to the general consumers' lift, the relevant products are more and more diverse - the company in the line with the spirit of product innovation to provide customers the best service and create first-class design.
And we aim to provide a certain future with passion, to feel the lives of the next generation, the happiness there, and to impress people.

Products range



Facilities and Construction Equipment

Facilities and Construction Equipment

Transport Vehicle

Transportation Vehicle and Construction Machinery